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About Jubilee Farm Church

Our Background

A little over a year ago a seed of an idea was planted in the hearts of the Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, Bishop of California, and the Rev. Jane Stratford, priest in the diocese, and a vision was born – to establish a farm church on land that the Diocese owned in the city of Brentwood in far east Contra Costa County.

Like the wild mustard that blooms abundantly on the land in the spring, this seed germinated, and Rev. Jane was appointed as the first ever Diocesan Farm Church Missioner in August of 2020. Jane is also the vicar of Saint Anna's Episcopal Church in the neighboring city of Antioch. She has lived in Brentwood for almost thirty years, during which time she has seen the city grow from a small farming community to a thriving suburban metropolis. 

As of now it is barely poking its head above the ground, but over the next couple of years we hope to gather a community of like minded people to plant and nurture this seed, and grow in faith together.

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